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In College Station, Bryan, TX and the Brazos Valley Area

We provide lawn care services tailored to your Brazos Valley lawn that include fertilization, weed control, insect control, and more.
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Lawn care services for homes and businesses in College Station, Bryan, and other Brazos Valley areas.

Our seven-step lawn care program includes fertilization, pre- and post-emergent weed control, lawn disease control, and more.

If you want a green, lush, thick lawn that you can enjoy throughout the growing season, then a lawn care program is vital to making that happen. Our lawn care package is made for lawns in the Brazos Valley, including College Station and Bryan.

We treat residential and commercial properties with our program that includes fertilization, pre- and post-emergent weed control, insect control, lawn disease control, and more.

7-Step Lawn Care Program Designed for Lawns in College Station and Bryan, TX

We offer a seven-step lawn care program that starts in January and ends in December, so our lawn care professionals are out treating your lawn throughout the year. This gives our experienced staff the chance to examine your yard for any problems such as brown patch or grub infestations.

The steps included in our lawn care program are:

  • Winter: Post-emergent herbicides targeting winter weeds and pre-emergent herbicide targeting winter and summer weeds.
  • Early Spring: Fertilizer, post-emergent herbicide targeting winter weeds, pre-emergent herbicides targeting summer weeds.
  • Early Summer: Fertilizer, contact insect control (chinch bug & grub). Spot treatment of weeds.
  • Mid Summer: Fertilizer, contact and residential insect control (chinch bug, grub, flea, tick)
  • Late Summer: Fungicide for Brown Patch and pre-emergent for fall weeds.
  • Fall: Fungicide for Brown Patch
  • Early Winter: Pre and post-emergent herbicides targeting winter weeds.

This lawn in College Station, TX benefits from regular fertilization treatments.

Fertilization Treatments Fortify Grass

Fertilization is a key part of a successful lawn care program. When fertilizer is applied, it delivers a healthy dose of essential nutrients that your lawn needs to thrive.

The nutrients in fertilizer are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Each plays an important part in lawn health. New lawns benefit from a higher dose of phosphorus while older lawns need a slow-release, balanced fertilizer.

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At Greener LawnScapes, we use a locally formulated fertilizer that is tailored to the Brazos Valley soil types.
This lawn in Bryan, TX gets routine weed control treatments.

Pre- & Post-Emergent Weed Control Targets Persistent Weeds

When weeds are allowed to grow in your lawn, they can quickly choke out your grass as they rapidly grow and absorb all of the nutrients in your soil. That’s why a proper weed control schedule is key to any lawn care program. Treating with pre-emergent and post-emergent applications helps ensure that these pesky plants are kept out of your lawn.

In the areas of College Station and Bryan, TX, we have many common types of broadleaf weeds that are annual and perennial, so it’s important to keep up the weed control schedule once it’s established.

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Grubs in this College Station lawn mean that it needs insect control treatments.

Insect Control Helps Your Lawn Fight off Pests Such As Chinch Bugs & Grubs

Without regular insect control treatments, your grass could die off as destructive and damaging pests like chinch bugs and grubs feed off the roots and grass blades. These pests can quickly spread through a lawn as they eat the grass, so in these cases, preventative treatments are vital.

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Brown patch has started to take over this lawn in Bryan, TX.

Fungus & Disease Control Fends off Brown Patch & Other Diseases

When summer hits and the conditions are right, your lawn is susceptible to fungal diseases such as brown patch and Take All patch. Both will quickly overtake your lawn and kill it without the proper fungicide treatments included in our lawn care package. With these diseases, preventative fungicide applications are paramount to stopping them.

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Are you looking for a quality lawn care program in College Station or Bryan?

Our owners were born and raised in the Brazos Valley, so they know exactly what your lawn needs to survive in this area. Our lawn care program is designed to help lawns in College Station and Bryan reach optimal health. We treat both residential and commercial properties throughout the area. Give us a call today at (979) 705-9545 to discuss an initial estimate!

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