Holiday Lighting services

In College Station, Bryan, TX and the Brazos Valley Area

We help give the exterior of your home or business a festive appearance with our holiday lighting services that include installation, removal, and storage.
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Professional holiday light installation and removal for residential and commercial clients in College Station, Bryan, and other nearby areas.

Get your home in the festive spirit with our holiday lighting installation services and then after the season, have us store and remove the lights for you.

This house in College Station, TX hired us to install their holiday lighting.

During the holiday season, it’s often easy to get caught up with the hustle and bustle and feel as if we don’t have time for all the tasks on our list. We can help take one of those tasks off your list with our seasonal holiday lighting installation.

Let us decorate your Brazos Valley home or business in College Station or Bryan with holiday lights that will provide a festive sparkle all season long. Once the season ends, we will return in January to remove the lights for you.

Our Holiday Lighting Services Include Installation, Decoration, & Removal

We begin our holiday installation services in mid to late November, depending on weather. Our crew buys and installs professional grade LED lights and adorns them along rooflines, trees, shrubs, and anywhere else you’d like a festive sparkle on your property. We only use LED lights because they are energy-efficient, last longer, and are much safer than other lighting options. Our lights are high quality and guaranteed to last for many years so you can enjoy them every season.

We provide a generous variety of color options, ensuring your newly-installed holiday lights beautifully complement your home or business. Colors we offer include warm white, bright white, red, green, blue, and any combination of these. Your holiday lights are professionally installed to perfectly fit your house with extension cords neatly tucked away out of view. We also install timers so you can control when you would like your lights to come on and turn off.

When you hire Greener LawnScapes for your holiday lighting needs, we provide you with speedy service so you can enjoy your lights all season long. Once the season ends in January, we come back out to your property and conveniently remove the lights for you. We purchase whichever lights you desire, and these same lights are yours to keep. We contact you again the following year to set up convenient installation.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Holiday Lights

While you can certainly install holiday lighting yourself, we always recommend having a professional like Greener LawnScapes install them for you. Hiring a professional crew to install and remove your lights saves you time and takes away the stress of having to fit outdoor decorating into your already busy schedule.

Installing holiday lights on your exterior is risky business. Many emergency room visits during the holidays are linked to injuries resulting from slips and falls while trying to install lights on rooflines and peaks. Using a professional eliminates this unnecessary risk and keeps you safe so you can enjoy the holiday season without worrying about any injuries.

When you hire a professional to install your holiday lights, you can have peace of mind knowing your lights are installed properly and as neatly as possible. Our experienced crew has the proper tools and equipment to safely install all your lights in a timely manner for you to enjoy them all season long. We always plan out a design that will beautifully complement the architecture and landscaping of your home or business.

We use high-quality professional-grade LED lights for all our holiday lighting, and offer various colors to perfectly complement your home or business.

Call us for all your holiday lighting needs!

These trees in Bryan, TX are festively decorated for the holiday season.

Call us today at (979) 705-9545 to light up your home or business for the holidays. Let us handle the hard work for you so you can relax and enjoy the festive sparkle! We install holiday lights for homes and businesses in College Station, Bryan, and nearby communities in the Brazos Valley of Texas. Get on our schedule now before it’s too late!

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