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How to Remove Nutsedge From Lawns in the Brazo's Valley

Published on
Thursday, August 6, 2020
How to Remove Nutsedge From Lawns in the Brazo's Valley

If all of a sudden parts of your lawn begin to grow much faster than the grass surrounding it or you see a yellow tint to your lawn, it is highly possible that the annoying and very hard to get rid of nutsedge plant has invaded your lawn.

Nutsedges are tough to eliminate unless you are a professional weed control expert well-versed in the strategies behind suppressing them and getting them out of your grass. Learn about how we work to get rid of all types of nutsedge in College Station, Bryan, and other parts of the Brazos Valley in Texas.

Getting rid of nutsedge can be a multi-year process.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a nutsedge invasion, keep in mind: this will not be solved immediately. Nutsedge is incredibly difficult to get rid of and it will take several treatments and could be a multi-year process to remove it. Only certain products will treat this plant, as it is a sedge and not like a typical broadleaf plant that is easier to target and remove.

You can never truly kill nutsedge.

Close up photo of yellow nutsedge weeds growing on a College Station, TX property.

If a lawn care company tells you that they will kill nutsedge for you, then they do not have the right information. You cannot truly kill this plant, you can only suppress it to a point where it will be too weak to try and grow back. Nutsedge is structured in such a way that it is incredibly difficult to eradicate. With the right treatments and experience, the plant can be suppressed which will then allow your grass to come back and reclaim its rightful spot in your lawn and recover its green, previously healthy condition.

The typical process includes not mowing until the treatment is applied and letting it sit for a few days.

If you are worried that your Brazos Valley lawn may have nutsedge, then contact a lawn care company for an evaluation. At Greener LawnScapes, we come out to assess your lawn to see if you do indeed have nutsedge. If you do, we will ask you to not mow the lawn for a few days. Once that is over, we will come out to apply the specialized treatment that will work to suppress nutsedge. Give the treatment time to work by not mowing the lawn again for a few days, and then mow as you normally would. This typical process will eventually work to suppress the nutsedge growing in the lawn.

This treatment will have to be repeated over and over again until you see less nutsedge in your yard.

Do you have nutsedge in your Brazos Valley lawn? Call our company today.

Throughout the Brazos Valley of Texas, including College Station and Bryan, we provide nutsedge control treatments for residential and commercial properties. If you have nutsedge growing in your lawn, our company can help administer treatments to work toward suppressing it. Give us a call today at (979) 750-9545 or submit our online contact form to reach one of our staff members quickly.