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With a preventative treatment applied in June, we treat for the appearance of grubs in your Brazos Valley lawn.
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Grub control treatments for properties in College Station, Bryan, and nearby areas.

Grubs eat the roots of your grass, destroying it from underneath and killing it off as they go.

Grub sticking its head out of the soil in a lawn in Bryan, TX.

In the Brazos Valley area of Texas, grubs can be a huge problem. These larvae from various insects such as May and June beetles are destructive to your grass, as they eat the roots once they hatch and destroy the grass from underneath.

At Greener LawnScapes, we provide preventative grub control treatments to keep these larvae from killing off your lawn in College Station, Bryan, and other areas of Brazos Valley, TX.

Signs Your Yard Could Be Infested with White Grubs

If you begin to see brown patches popping up in your yard, this can be an indicator of grubs. It can also be a sign of lawn disease, so you'll want to check for other signs of a white grub infestation.

When grass feels spongy, grubs may be underneath. If you can take that spongy grass and roll it up like a carpet, it's a pretty strong sign of grub presence in your soil. Once you pull up the grass, you may even see the actual grubs.

Another major indicator of grubs in your yard is seeing other animals rooting around in your grass. Animals like raccoons, armadillos, or skunks love to eat grubs and will dig into your grass and soil to eat the grubs, which ends up causing further damage to your lawn.

If you're uncertain about the presence of grubs in your lawn, contact a professional lawn care provider such as Greener LawnScapes.

Reasons to Keep Grubs out of Your Texas Lawn

Aside from the obvious issue of lawn damage, there are other reasons to keep grubs out of your Texas lawn. If you have a yard that invites in skunks and raccoons, you increase the chances of them having a run-in with your pets.

If you have a nice lawn, then that means you've invested time and money into maintaining it and caring for it. Letting grubs stay in your soil and destroy your grass also destroys the investment you've made in your lawn.

When Is the Best Time to Treat for Grubs

Grubs typically hatch in late summer, so we apply our preventative grub control treatment in May or early June, as this is the best time to treat for them. This treatment works over time to eliminate the larvae and stop them from eating your grass. Grubs are the most susceptible to pesticides when they are young, so preventative treatment gets rid of them as soon as they hatch.

Are you experiencing issues with grubs damaging your Brazos Valley lawn?

If you're experiencing issues or problems with grub damage in your lawn, our professionals are ready to help. We offer a lawn care package that strengthens your grass, making it harder for grubs to overtake the lawn. Our preventative grub control application keeps grubs away from your turf and ensures your lawn in College Station, Bryan, and other areas of the Brazos Valley in Texas will be healthy all year. Give us a call today at (979) 705-9545 to learn more or set up an estimate.

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