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In College Station, Bryan, TX and the Brazos Valley Area

Our lawn fertilization service, which is provided on a yearly planned treatment schedule, brings the nutrients your lawn needs to reach its full potential in health, thickness, and color.
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We provide lawn fertilization services for homes in College Station and Bryan, TX, as well as the surrounding communities in the Brazos Valley region.

Proper fertilization treatments encourage grass to grow with a stronger root system and a richer, greener color.

When it comes to lawn care, fertilization is an essential part of complete lawn care. In order to grow to its fullest potential, your turf must receive the proper nutrients to grow a strong root system, maintain its health, and to acquire the deep rich green color indicative of a healthy lawn. Furthermore, promoting a strong and healthy root system for your lawn also helps control the emergence of weeds.

Proper fertilization treatments are the foundation of all other services your grass will need to not only look healthy but to be healthy. Our company offers a complete package that provides the necessary treatments to sustain your grass throughout all the seasons, including:

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Fungus/Disease Control
  • Insect Control

Taking care of turf in College Station, Bryan, and other communities in the Brazos Valley, requires a variety of services, but working with us gives you everything you need in one complete package for your property.

Example of the locally formulated fertilizer that Greener LawnScapes uses for properties in the Bryan region.

Maintenance Schedule for Fertilizer and Other Applications

The schedule that we follow to apply your fertilizer applications includes treatments for weeds, disease, and insects. We spread out seven applications between January and December, to target specific areas of your lawn and make sure that it is fertilized and treated properly.

  • Winter: Post-emergent herbicides targeting winter weeds and pre-emergent herbicide targeting winter and summer weeds.
  • Early Spring: Fertilizer, post-emergent herbicide targeting winter weeds, pre-emergent herbicides targeting summer weeds.
  • Early Summer: Fertilizer, contact insect control (chinch bug, grub, flea, tick). Spot treatment of weeds.
  • Mid Summer: Fertilizer, contact and residential insect control (chinch bug, grub, flea, tick)
  • Late Summer: Fungicide for Brown Patch and pre-emergent for fall weeds.
  • Fall: Fungicide for Brown Patch
  • Early Winter: Pre and post-emergent herbicides targeting winter weeds.

The Essential Nutrients in Fertilizer (N-P-K)

Ten years in the green industry has taught us that grass is greatly impacted by what is put on it. Fertilizers are a combination of essential nutrients for your grass, that include nitrogen(N), phosphorus(P), and potassium(K). An imbalance of these nutrients can be detrimental to your turf. Because we use locally formulated fertilizer specific to this region's soil types, your fertilizer comes properly balanced and ready to nourish your lawn.

Our lawn care company treats your property with the correct balance of nutrients, promotes healthy blade growth, a richer green color, and a strong root system.

Established lawns benefit from slow-release fertilizers while new lawns require heavier doses of phosphorus for growth and development.

Get a Fertilization Estimate

Proper fertilization requires scheduled treatments throughout the year. Providing your grass with fertilizer applications on a regular basis will allow it to grow and prosper throughout the year.

Fortify your turf with our complete treatment plan. If you live in the Brazos Valley region, which includes College Station and Bryan, TX, contact us now at (979) 705-9545 for an estimate.

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