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In College Station, Bryan, TX and the Brazos Valley Area

Our fungus and disease control services will stop the spread of fungal lawn diseases such as Brown Patch, Leaf Spot, and others that can invade and cause great harm to your lawn.
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Fungus and disease control services for lawns in the College Station and Bryan, TX area.

Fungal and disease control is packaged with our company's lawn care services.

It's surprisingly easy for yards to be destroyed by a single fungus or disease, because of how quickly they grow and get out of control. Once fungi or lawn diseases become established in your lawn, it is only a matter of time before they spread and leave your yard covered in unattractive brown circles.

At Greener LawnScapes, we provide extensive services year-round in College Station, Bryan, and surrounding communities in the Brazos Valley region. These services include fungus and disease control applications, so you can regain control of your yard. We offer fungal and disease control both as a stand-alone service or along with our complete preventative maintenance package deal, which includes:

  • Fungus & Disease control
  • Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Insect control

Our company's certified lawn care experts test your soil and take into consideration your property's specific needs. We then bring over a decade of experience to use, when designing a yearly treatment package.

At Greener LawnScapes, we use a locally formulated fertilizer that is tailored to the Brazos Valley soil types.

3 Common Lawn Fungal Diseases in Texas

In the Brazos Valley area of Texas, lawns are susceptible to several warm-weather lawn diseases that thrive on high temperatures, high humidity, and the right conditions that our properties here offer. There are three common lawn fungal diseases that we see across our region. Look out for these lawn killers on your property:

  1. Brown Patch: This is one of the most destructive and fast-spreading fungal diseases that affect turf lawn. It attacks a wide variety of grass types and especially goes after lawns that are fed fast-release nitrogen fertilizers. This summertime disease is caused by Rhizoctonia and is most active during warmer temperatures of 80-85° along with high humidity.
  2. Gray Leaf Spot: This disease is common during late spring and into early summer, and tends to affect lawns that hold a lot of moisture. You will notice this lawn disease creates small brown spots on individual blades. Early treatment is critical with Leaf Spot in order to eradicate it from your property.
  3. Take All Patch: The deadly cousin of Brown Patch, Take All Patch damages grass from the roots to the blades, leaving brown holes of dirt when you remove the grass. Fungicides are rarely helpful, so the key to getting rid of this fungal disease is early detection followed by preventative fungus and disease control applications.

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Call us at (979) 705-9545 and get started with a free consultation. We can put together a fungus and disease control application package based on the needs of your property. We currently offer our expert services to residents in College Station, Bryan, and the rest of the Brazos Valley, TX region.

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