Fire Ant Control Services

In College Station, Bryan, TX and the Brazos Valley Area

Reduce the risk of itchy bites and painful stings with our yearly fire ant control treatments.
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Fire ant control for properties in College Station, Bryan, and nearby Texas communities.

Fire ants can create large mounds in your yard and cause painful bites to you, your children, and your animals.

A fire ant rests on a surface in Bryan, TX.

At Greener LawnScapes, we're born and bred Texans, so we know how important it is to our customers to be able to enjoy spending time outside and playing games with friends and family. But having that time interrupted by someone stepping in a fire ant mound can quickly put a damper on things. That's why we provide yearly fire ant control services so that you can have a worry-free yard.

Our fire ant control company provides its services to homes and businesses in College Station, Bryan, and other areas of the Brazos Valley in Texas.

We typically treat for fire ants in the spring and fall.

Usually, the typical best times to treat for fire ants are in the spring and fall. Our fire ant control technicians will come to your yard and put down fire ant product that is proven to prevent these pests from taking up residence in your lawn. The spring preventative treatment stops them in their tracks and the fall treatment reinforces the spring treatment. This way, your lawn is covered throughout the year.

Why You Need to Keep Fire Ants out of Your Yard

This fire ant mound in College Station, TX could pose dangers.

If one fire ant attacks you, then more are coming. Fire ants are known to swarm and attack, meaning if you accidentally step on a mound, you're going to have several stinging, burning bites. This can be harmful to adults, but especially bad for smaller children who may not be able to get ants off of them as quickly. If you want your yard to be a safe area for children to play, then it's vital to eliminate fire ants. Fire ants will also attack your animals. Dogs especially are highly inquisitive, and your dog could end up with fire ant bites all over its paws or nose from poking into a mound.

Some people also have allergies to fire ants, and if they are bitten, they can have severe complications from a bite.

Along with the risks to humans and animals, fire ants can also cause damage to your yard itself. These ants create large mounds and subsurface tunnels, which can mess up your grass's root system and your soil. Along with that, the mounds can cause damage to a lawnmower if they're large enough. Running over a fire ant mound with a lawnmower may also create a situation where you or someone else gets stung.

Are you looking for fire ant control treatments in your Brazos Valley yard?

The team at Greener LawnScapes is available to come to your yard to assess your fire ant issues. If you're having problems with fire ants invading your yard and biting you and your loved ones, contact us now so we can come help. We're available at (979) 705-9545, or you can submit our online contact form and someone will call you shortly. We provide fire ant control treatments to properties throughout the Brazos Valley, including College Station and Bryan, TX.

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