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When The Best Times Are To Apply Lawn Fertilization Treatments

Published on
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
When The Best Times Are To Apply Lawn Fertilization Treatments

Last time, we took a look at the components involved in fertilizers. This time, we want to explain how best to develop a lawn fertilization program.

Proper Time To Apply Fertilizer

For St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses, fertilizer should be applied 2-3 times a year. The first application should take place after the first time you mow in the spring (usually 6 weeks after the last frost). In the Brazos Valley, it is best to apply mid-March. At this time, the grass is actively growing and can use the nutrients. This will promote fast growth and establish your lawn before the hot summer months.

Space the supplemental applications at least 45-60 days apart. So, the next application should be around mid-May. If your lawn is newly established or has been neglected it will often benefit from additional applications in the late spring/early summer.

In the fall, it is important to complete your last fertilizer application before November 1st, enabling your lawn to resist winter weeds and recover faster the next spring. After November 1st, frost is more likely, negating the effects of any fertilizer added to your lawn. Typically in the Brazos Valley, the ideal time is at the beginning of October.