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3 Reasons Your Yard Should Be Treated for Fire Ants in Spring

Published on
Friday, January 10, 2020
3 Reasons Your Yard Should Be Treated for Fire Ants in Spring

Many have experienced the painful sting that comes from a fire ant bite: it not only stings, it also burns—hence the name "fire" ant.

These harmful pests can easily take up residence in your Brazos Valley lawn, posing a threat to you, your family, your pets, and more. Learn three reasons why you should ensure your lawn is treated in the spring for fire ants in areas such as College Station and Bryan, TX.

1. The bite of a fire ant can cause many undesirable symptoms.

If you get bit by a fire ant, you more than likely got bit by several. These pests live in a colony and will attack you. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, fire ant bites reach their maximum potency during summer, which is coincidentally when many of us are outside trying to enjoy our yards. The main undesirable symptoms from a bite include burning, itching, swelling, and redness where the sting occurred. Pets can also be harmed by fire ant bites, especially if they're inquisitive.

In some cases, however, fire ant bite reactions can be much more severe. Some people have fire ant allergies and can go into anaphylaxis, which may require an EpiPen or an emergency room visit.

Treating your lawn for fire ants in the spring prevents them from invading the yard and reduces the risk of fire ant bite reactions that could potentially harm someone on your property.

It's recommended to use a lawn care professional to treat for fire ants, especially if you have allergies to these pests.

2. Fire ant mounds can actually damage your lawnmower.

An ant hill formed in a lawn in Bryan, TX.

If a fire ant mound gets large enough and you mow over it, you could end up damaging the mower. Fire ant mounds can get large and dense, meaning the blades on the mower won't be able to cut through it. You could end up with a lawnmower repair bill or having to buy a new lawnmower if the damage is bad enough. Plus, if you run over a fire ant mound with your lawnmower, you may end up getting stung in the process. By applying a preventative fire ant control treatment, you can fight off these pests and keep their infestation from getting to that level.

3. Fire ants can damage your grass and the lawn's ecosystem.

Fire ants will construct their mounds in sunny areas, meaning they'll build it on top of your grass. This mound will obstruct that grass's ability to access key nutrients, causing its health to suffer. The ants also create tunnels underneath the soil that can extend up to 25 feet away from the mound. These tunnels can disrupt your grass's root system, as well as the ecosystem of your lawn. It's advised to treat for fire ants every six months, which is why a spring treatment is key.

Are you experiencing issues with fire ants in your Brazos Valley lawn? Call us to come help.

The pros at Greener LawnScapes can treat your lawn with fire ant control treatments to help prevent these insects from causing damage to you, your children, your pets, and your lawn. We know the correct strategies to use so that the queen ant is killed and the entire colony can be eliminated. We provide fire ant control applications twice a year in the spring and fall in Brazos Valley areas such as College Station and Bryan. Call us today at (979) 750-9545 to schedule your spring fire ant treatment!